I was never the kind of person who read novels, wrote diaries and journals and stuff but here i am, inspired by a fictional character Jenna Hamilton from an American teen sitcom titled ‘Awkward’.

She is shown as an average teenager who is ignored, unnoticed and is way below on the social stratum. So she uses a blog to store her feelings. I’m not saying I’m also an unnoticed guy who has no friends, its just that there are things you can’t share with anyone. And even if there is a friend designated just for this purpose, i don’t have that friend. So i thought if i can’t share it with anyone maybe i should try sharing it with everyone. So here i am to share my crazy life with the world or at least people who’ll be reading this, or just the WordPress in case no one gives a $#!+.

Sorry i forgot to introduce myself. My name is, for now let it be Matty i need sometime to reveal ny identity i hope its ok. I’m in college. I’m not living the best life possible​ but i want to, one day. I like romcoms, teen dramas, college dramas, action films, food,  Micheal cera and Mary Elizabeth Winstead. 

In this blog I’ll be sharing everything about my life worth reading. I might even share photos, not now maybe in near future.

So i hope we have a good time together.

Thanks for reading this. Have a nice day. Will be back with a new post tomorrow. ☺


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