Fantasies And Do Overs.


 TBT half of the time we live in fantasies. We have all fantasised at some point or the other. For some it could have been a date with their crush, sex with their favourite celebrity, imagining yourself inplace of a movie/tv series character, doing something you always wanted but never did and the most common of all ‘conversations you would like to have with certain people’ ☺

Fantasies, no matter about what, are good. They make us happy. And the thumb rule says whatever makes you happy, do it. 😀

I have had like 100s of conversations in my head and i loved them, it doesn’t make me sad that I’m not having them in real because maybe i will, someday but for today I’ll just have it in my head. On the bright side it’ll prepare me for the real one. I can skip the mistakes i made when i had it in my head ☺

So have conversations in your head, it doesn’t mean you are weird, it rather means you have a good imagination. 

Lets see what benefits does fantasizing has:

* It can transform your mood. People fantasize about things they want to do or people they want to meet. Hence thinking about these things can cheer up your mood.

* It encourages creativity. When it comes to fantasising, there are no limits. You can dream of anything or anyone. For e.g you can go on a date with Mary Elizabeth Winstead or Robert Pattinson. Travel to europe or take a selfie with the Eiffel tower ☺

* It helps you to know youself. When you fantasize you get to know what you like and what you want to do. It helps you to see what your heart wants.

Do overs!!

Do over is when you think you could have done something better than you actually did. I have personally made endless number of mistakes, usually when it comes to talking to girls. I’ve done things i regret now. Like when i proposed a girl for the first time. I still can’t understand what i was thinking. Maybe it was an impulsive decision. You can’t blame me,i was just 16.

Anyways do overs are good too. They help you realise what wrong you’ve done and why you shouldn’t repeat it.

But what if you actually get a chance to do something again. To change it. What if you can actually go back in time and correct something?

In highschool i came along a short story titled ‘Dr. Heidegger’s Experiment’ where a doctor invites his 4 elderly friends who have all done something they regret and the doctor shows them this water from the fountain of youth. He asks them that they allow their experience in life to guide them in virtue and wisdom when they get a second chance at youth. The 4 elderly friends drink the water from the fountain of youth and no sooner did they finish drinking, they started behaving as they use to when they were young moreover they started showing sings that they’re gonna repeat the same mistakes which they were regretting a few moments ago.

Hence it shows that its human tendency to repeat the same mistakes again and again no matter how many chances one gets. However it can’t be the same for everyone. For instance if i can go back in time i would never ask that girl out. 

BTW i got rejected. I proposed her in the silliest way possible. I sent a note through a friend of mine with a chocolate bar inside it. And the next day i got her reply saying she’s not interested in me although the chocolate bar was missing 😶



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